Facebook Ads and Post Boosting have taken the world by the breeze and your popularity can literally spread like fire by them. If you are a newbie to Facebook marketing, you will surely meet this confusion at some point, whether you should choose Ads or boost your post. You are spending money, why not spend it wisely? For this, it is important to classify between the two and discover which one will work out more effectively for you. We have made it simple for you, have a look.

The Difference between Facebook Ads & Boosted Posts

Facebook Ads

Facebook provides various types of advertising facilities that meet needs of everyone. Let’s have a look at Different types of campaigns provided by Facebook which are mentioned below:

  • Lead and Traffic generation
  • Page/Post like campaign
  • Mobile app promotion

Boost Post

This can be used in a post which is already on the timeline of your business page which is the basic advertising done by business owners.

In post boost, you have to select a target audience first. Target audience depends on the post type and the purpose. Purpose of boosting post should be clear so that you can clearly decide the audience.

Budget is the next thing after choosing a targeted audience. It is up to you how much you want to spend on a specific post and also for how long.



Post which is not boosted can reach a very small amount of our current audience.  Boost post option will show your post to much larger audience depending on the budget you select. You will get Estimated People Reached on the total budget.







Boost Post is used to get audience engagement on a specific post and getting the maximum users engagement which increases post likes, comment, and shares.

Boosting post can hardly take 2minutes while Facebook ad campaign takes around 10 minutes said by one of the best SEO Company in Surat, India.

If you are looking for more customized promotion of video, mobile applications, or even your business page, you should opt Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads

There are some limitations in boosting post compared to Facebook Ads. Let’s have a look at the things which you can’t get in boost post.

  • Plenty of objectives
  • Detailed placement
  • More Detailed audience targeting
  • Manual bidding
  • Detailed formatting 




Detailed placement-automatic-techiflyer


Detailed placement-custom-techiflyer


Detailed audience targeting-facebook-techiflyer

When to use Facebook Ads vs Boosted Posts

Boosted posts are used when business owners need to maximize the visibility of specific post published on their business page’s timeline. The post can be an event, or announcement or any post.

Facebook Ads gives endless options and 99% of times it will be the best compared to boost post because of the ability to choose exact objective and detailed specifications.

Final thoughts

Quick engagement has an easy solution which is better known as post boosting. Go for boost post if your objective is to increase engagement or to promote a specific message in the short time. For instance, if you want to promote any event, post-boosting is the best idea. However, if you are having goals in mind and want to serve thoughtfully customized ads to drive conversion, Facebook Ads will work out for sure.

Hope you have got crystal clear idea regarding both and have cleared out your confusions which were at the time of beginning the blog, isn’t it? If this still seems a headache for you, we are here to sort it out for you. Handover your hassles to one of the best Digital marketing company in Surat, India & see how we turn them into amazingly performing ideas for you.