SEO is the only way you can make efforts to rank your website organically. If you are not visible on the first page and more probably among the top search results, your website might never see the light of the day to get increasing visitors. Sometimes, starting small can make a big difference and these SEO Tips for Beginners are great to start with.

5 Must Check Elements of Your Website for Search Engine Optimization

1. Page Title

Page titles are an inevitable elements in Search engine optimization which appears in the SERPs (search engine result page) when user searches for anything.

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How to optimize page titles?

  1. Try Adding your Primary keyword in title to make it effective
  2. Maintain the ideal length of title: 65-70 characters (including spaces)
  3. Keep titles Unique respective to the type of page


2. Meta Descriptions

Once the page titles are optimized, you should focus on the Meta description which is nothing but a summary of the webpage. There are mixed opinions regarding Meta descriptions that they are not considered by search engines now but you should add them just to be safe. The ideal length of Meta Description is 300 characters.

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Meta descriptions describe your website in brief and you get a chance to rank your website by adding keywords here. Remember that adding and stuffing keywords are two different things. Go for former and never for the latter!


3. Link Structure

It will describe the format of URLs for pages or blogs of a particular website.

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Follow these guidelines to make URLs proper:

  • URLs should be simple and easily understandable by users as well as Search engines.
  • Use only “-” (hyphen) as a word separator in URLs.
  • Try to keep URL short and include keywords in it.


4. Heading Tags

Don’t forget to use the Heading tags which are from H1 to H6, larger to a smaller size. Keep in mind that your Heading length should be between 15-65 characters.

By using Heading tag you can drive the attention of the readers.

  • H1 Should be used only for one time in the title of Page.
  • H2 is used for the main headings.
  • H3 is for subheadings.


5. Image optimization

Ignoring image optimization is most common mistake done by beginners because they don’t know the importance of optimized image. If the images are not optimized, the website will take more time to load. More the loading time, slower the website. This creates a really bad impression in front of users. Keep few points in mind while doing image optimization:

  • Use Alt attribute
  • Image name should be meaningful instead of a name like DSC02.jpg, image03, picture04. You can use keyword also in the file name.


What is the benefit of doing so?

When you use keyword as filename, it will get to be your URL. This means that you indirectly targeted your keyword in URL via filename.

  • Reduce image size by image optimization tools available online. Don’t lose the image quality while optimizing the image.


By checking on these five elements, you have just optimized your site as these are critical On-Page SEO factors. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, don’t worry! We are here to help you out being one of the Best SEO Company of Surat, India. We will be glad to assist you in achieving your goals of ranking on the top. Get consulted now!