Instagram is one of the most trending social media platforms & it is centering the focus upon improving the privacy and transparency for the users. As seen in the latest Instagram updates rolled out on a testing basis, users violating community guidelines may suffer soon.

In July, we have received two big updates on Instagram. Let’s discuss what changes have been made by Instagram this month and how it will change the user experience.

Major Instagram Updates in July

  1. Link Counter Removal
  2. Account Disable Warnings

Link Counter Removal
Instagram has running one experiment from the past several months. They made this experiment in Canada by hiding the total number of like for public view.

They are hiding only the total number of likes count; you can still check who liked the post.

For example, you can see the following image:

instagram update 2019 without like counter - techiflyer

After testing in Canada, they are starting to cover other countries for the same test.

Pedro Dias tweets an example of what he is observing in Brazil; in which Instagram remove the likes completely.

Check the below image provided by Pedro Dias:

instagram update 2019 without like- techiflyer

As you can see post has received 73 comments, so the post should be received at least one like, but there is no evidence of it.

If you check the same post from your account, you can see post receives many likes.

As we go further to this update, they have started the same thing in Ireland also.

In Canada, the user has a positive impact on their mental health. So, you can say this update has a positive impact on the Canada region, as time passes we would come to know how it will impact other country users.

Account disable warning

Instagram always keep eye on the post shared on their platform to maintain the user experience and community guideline.

Before this Instagram update, Instagram removes the account without giving warning to the user if he/she has a certain number of post that violates the policy.

But after this new update, Instagram warns the user that their account is at risk of being disabled.

Please take a look following image, how it looks like!!!

instagram update -notificicate priority - techiflyer

Also, users can send an appeal for which their post was removed due to the policy violation.

If the post is found to be removed in error, Instagram will restore your post.

Wrapping it up

Hope you have got the clear idea of how the Instagram update of July-2019 will change the user experience and make this platform more authoritative and secure.

For more updates of social media platform, stay tuned with our digital marketing company.