Facebook Page Like vs. Page Follow

Social Media Marketing is one of the hottest trending strategies which are used by every business who want to increase sales. We usually invite our friends and send recommendations to like our facebook page as soon as we create it to build authentic audience. But, at times, we notice less than expected post reach and ultimately receive less likes on our most engaging posts too. Have you tried figuring out the reason? No? This blog is for you. You need to dig deep into Page Like and Follow.

Most of the people think that liking Facebook page and Following page are the same thing. But actually, it’s not the same thing they are different things.

When any of the Facebook users like your business page – Techiflyer, automatically page like will be considered as page following. Before liking any business page, the scenario will be something like the show in the below image.



As shown in the above image, as soon as we hit the like button, the scenario will be the same as shown image. People can un-follow you without disliking your business page.

As per Facebook algorithms, if anyone un-follow your page without disliking a page, Facebook won’t show your posts to those users often. So your post won’t reach to them but you can target them while doing paid ads.

Let’s discuss the possible scenarios:

  • Only like Not Following
  • Like & Follow (Default)
  • Like & Follow (See First)

Only like Not Following:

Like - Not follow - Techiflyer

The people who liked the business page and not following, it will simply plus the page likes. Posts won’t show on their news feed as we discussed above. To convert those people into followers you can contact the best SEO Company in Surat. Their SEO experts will make proper plan to turn visitors into followers for your business.

Like & Follow (Default):

Like - following - default - Techiflyer

As we discussed above, the user will be added to Followers list by default when he/she likes your page. Your all posts will be shown to the people comes under this. A Facebook algorithm named Edge-Rank will decide how often your posts will be shown to your followers feed considering many factors like how often the user engage with your page and other activities of the user. To know more about the Facebook algorithm you should ask the Digital Marketing Company in Surat.

Like & Follow (See First):

Like - following - See first - Techiflyer
The people won’t choose this option easily. You have to provide something meaningful to your audience which matches their interests. Best Seo Company in Surat can do that for you because they can do the analysis what actually your audience wants and by providing the content loved by the audience they will surely change the settings and choose the See first option. By enabling the See first option, now the audience won’t miss any updates from you.

Page likes and followers should be almost same. If the page likes are less then followers then it’s not a good sign and you should build a new strategy for your business page to keep your audience engaged. If you don’t have that much knowledge, you can contact the digital marketing company.

Are you struggling for page likes and increasing followers? We can help you with a customized Facebook Strategy!